Burgundy Khaki Regenerated Cashmere Beanie

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Recycled cashmere

Out of all materials used in the fashion industry, cashmere has one of the highest environmental impact (roughly 100 times more than wool). The over exploitation of cashmere worldwide reminds of salmon, an exclusive good that became a mass product at the expense of quality. 

As the goat population has increased, nearly 65% of Mongolia's grasslands is degraded and slowly turning into a desert. In order to limit our environmental impact and encourage the circular economy, we decided to use a recycled cashmere made from second-hand sweaters and socks. 

Made in France

The beanie is made in Auvergne, in the middle of Regional Nature Reserves. The atelier was founded in 1940 and has been making knitted scarves and beanies for 3 generations.

The Beanie

Encapsulating Cinabre's love of colour, this beanie is made of 97% of Regenerated Cashmere and 3% of Ultrafine Merino wool with a super-soft hand-feel.


You can personalize the label of your beanie with a handwritten name (or initials) and date.
This personal touch is not visible when you’re wearing the beanie, as it is on the label sewn inside it.
Please indicate what information you would like to include during the checkout procedure, after choosing the delivery method.

More detailed features
  • Fabric:

    97% Cashmere, 3% Ultrafine Merino Wool

  • Size: unique size
  • Made in France
  • Label: for customization give us your name or initials and dates during checkout.

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2685 Burgundy Green
  • Burgundy Khaki Regenerated Cashmere Beanie - Made in France by Cinabre Paris
  • Burgundy Khaki Regenerated Cashmere Beanie - Made in France by Cinabre Paris

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