Président of France's letter to Cinabre Alexandre Chapellier

The supplier of the French President

Cinabre is the ties supplier of the President of the French Republic, Mr Emmanuel Macron. He appreciates the company entrepreneurial spirit and its French savoir faire.

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The Official portrait of the French president
President Macron wearing a Cinabre tie

The Elysée Blue Ties

The President of France owns approximately 40 Cinabre ties, mainly navy blue pieces including the silk Navy Blue Satin tie. Mr Macron wears this tie during most of his formal events.

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Cinabre atelier in the Loire Castle Valley, France
Cinabre Elysée Blue collection of ties

President’s Bailiffs bow ties

The teams of the Elysée Palace have chosen Cinabre to dress the President's Bailiffs, otherwise known as "Huissiers à Chaîne". Since 2021, our White Cotton Piqué Bow Ties complete the uniforms of these shadowy people who see everything, hear everything and are an integral part of the inner workings of the Elysée Palace.

President’s Bailiffs

Made in France

Each tie and bow tie is handmade in Cinabre atelier located in the Loire Castle Valley. Our artisans have been following the same technics for 3 generations thanks to Catherine, our main manufacturer, whose grandmother and mother were both bow ties and neckties experts.

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Cinabre Blue and black herringbone tie
Cinabre navy blue griffé tie