Histoire de Cinabre


Cinabre means leaving a party in the wee hours with your bow tie undone.

Cinabre means embroidering Britney Spears or the football player Zidane on silk ties.

Cinabre means the peace and quiet of the Cité Bergère just off the bustling Grands Boulevards.

Cinabre means sipping a Spicy Margarita while clad in a velvet dressing gown.

Cinabre means a black-tie soirée, where the aristocratic extravaganza of Visconti mingles with the retro-futurism of James Bond.

Alexandre Chapellier Portrait with a dressing gown
Suite Cinabre 1 cocktails bar

Cinabre means wearing a cap with a three-piece suit or a pearl necklace with a hoodie.

Cinabre means listening to Grace Jones on a vinyl turntable.

Cinabre means a particular idea about business: Think of an accessory that hardly anyone buys anymore. Do you have one? There's a 90% chance we make it.

Cinabre means both being the ties supplier of the French President and the designer of a strass embroidered bow tie, tribute to Michael Jackson.

Cinabre means making every occasion a grand occasion.

Alexandre Chapellier Portrait wearing a dressing gown
Suite Cinabre 1 bar à cocktails
Alexandre Chapellier Portrait wearing a dressing gown
Suite Cinabre 1 bar à cocktails


I'm Alexandre. I launched Cinabre at the age of 30 with the guiding vision of Haute Couture designer Michel Goma and the steady hand of Catherine, the manager of our French atelier. I'm French and Swedish. I love 70s disco, Detroit techno, vintage Science Fiction, Parisian sleepless nights, the panache of a uniform, and fashion that doesn't take itself too seriously.

Alexandre Chapellier Portrait atelier
Dessin de Michel Goma pour Cinabre


2011 : We hit the ground running, between our studio in Paris and our ateliers in the Loir-et-Cher region of France.

2012 : Cinabre arrives at Colette and Karl Lagerfeld becomes our first customer.

2013 : Pharrell Williams wears Cinabre lapel pins on his jackets.

2014 : Cinabre travels to the USA for Neiman Marcus and Japan for Isetan.

2015 : Our collab' with Batman (true story) gives us wings, and we open our first boutique in Paris.

2017 : Cinabre becomes the official tie supplier to the French President.

2018 : We release the Red Card Ties for the Soccer World Cup and the Bleuets Flower Lapel Pins for the Bleuet de France Foundation, to which we donate profits from sales every year.

2019 : Cinabre launches a collection for PSG, then for the Louvre Museum.

2020 : The pandemic turns us into face-mask suppliers for the Prime Minister, the General Staff of the French Army, and the United Nations.

2021 : Cinabre supplies bow ties to the Bailiffs of the French President (Huissiers du Président de la République), then collaborates with the French Navy.

2022 : Our new boutique opens at 14 Cité Bergère, Paris IX.

2023 : We inaugurate Les Suites Cinabre, just above the Cité Bergère boutique in Paris.

Alexandre Chapellier Portrait atelier
Pharrell Williams with a Cinabre lapel pin
Histoire de Cinabre