Cinabre supplier of the French Prime Minister

09/21/2020 14:38:39

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Cinabre supplier of the French Prime Minister

2020 definitely doesn't want to be like any other year: we had to keep our atelier open the whole summer for the production of our face masks. Everyone wanted them, even the French Prime Minister. Since our summer holidays were busy, we want to share with you some ideas to make the back-to-school season easier.


Last May, we launched our face masks made in our atelier located in the Loire Castle Valley and approved by the DGA, the French Defence Procurement Agency. Since then, we have faced such high demand that our delivery times have sometimes been extended, and we deeply apologize for that. Nevertheless, we have maintained our production requirements - both made in France and craftsmanship - despite the volumes and the urgency. Furthermore, in order to cope with all the orders, our atelier remained open the whole summer and we recruited new artisans. Our certified and reusable face masks also satisfied the French Prime Minister Jean Castex and his team. In August, we were invited to his office in Paris (the beautiful hôtel de Matignon). Since then, the French Prime Minister and his team have been wearing our white and navy blue face masks, both signed with the tricolor French flag.

We also offer more creative designs on our website.

I am quite proud that we managed to offer face masks which meet Cinabre high standards despite the large volumes. I hope that we will be able to keep our new employees in our atelier, even when everyone will have their face masks.



Mask off for a brisk photo shoot (the face mask was not far away actually, it was camouflaged as a pocket square). We've just released our new collection of Prince of Wales neckties. This classic British pattern is finely woven with a very thin wool (super 130's). The necktie I wear on the above picture is one of my favorite designs. We can see a light blurred effect and the red stripes yarns were looped during the spinning, which gives this slight texture and rythm to the overall design. In a nutshell: even with a mask you will be recognized by the quality of your neckties.



To release the pressure of the back-to-school season I give you below 3 of my favorite addresses on the Riviera. The summer is still there and the most beautiful landmarks are denuded of tourists.

La Casa Privata on the Amalfi coast : This old fisherman house, restored into a beautiful seven rooms boutique hotel, seems to be about to tumble down the steep coast. You just climb some stairs to discover the different pieces of this exclusive paradise : the swimming pool under the olive trees, the restaurant by the fountain, and above all the deckchairs hanging on the rocks just above the Mediterranean sea. Vertiginous but outstanding. Choose the "New York" suite for a more secluded room on the side of the house.

The most delicious spot in Corsica : Corsica island is one of France jewels and probably one of the most beautiful island in the world. On the main road between Bastia and Porto Vecchio is hidden "Chez Marie" (meaning: At Marie's), the hotel-restaurant of long-time friends, Pascal and Sergio. I settle down there once a year. People on holidays make a long detour to taste Sergio's exquisite carbonara. The most well-known French food critics are regularly ecstatic. And Pascal will guide you to the nearest deserted creeks. If you go there, please give them my regards !

The balcony on the Aegean Sea :

Nestled in the most beautiful village of Sifnos island, this airbnb with a panoramic balcony delivers on all the Cyclades promises: the blue sea, the white alleys, a feeling of eternity. Entirely renovated by Nickolas, a young architect from the village, the apartment overhangs a small chapel by the sea where I used to go swimming every morning. Truly outstanding.


The release of Dune film next November is this winter's cultural event, in my opinion. Denis Villeneuve takes up Alex Jodorowsky's sci-fi cult classic, a film project which was never released but its storyboard has inspired and galvanized all the aesthetics of sci-fi films for the last 40 years (see this fascinating documentary). In the meantime, you can come to the Cinabre boutique in Paris to leaf through the very rare 107 issue of Métal Hurlant magazine. There is a special article on "the film that you will never see", actually Jodorowsky's project, with amazing sketches and pictures. The issue was released in 1985 and the Canadian filmmaker Denis Villeneuve also used to read it when he was a teenager. It might be difficult for Villeneuve to rival the legacy: Jodorowsky's creative madness was curbed by Hollywood studios at that time... I am not sure the big majors have changed. Let's have a chat in November!