Perfumed Candle - Point du Jour

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The perfumed candles collection of the House of Cinabre has been designed in our studio in Paris and modeled in the Provence region by perfumers and master candlemakers that implemented their savoir-faire to create these objects.

Hand-crafted candles of 190 g.

When your candle is finished (until the base that supports the wick is visible), place your pot 24h into the freezer to detach the last wax residues and to give a second life to your glass.

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The perfumed candles collection narrates an evening through the 3 floors of the 14 Cité Bergère, in Paris. Point du Jour is our third candle that signs The Suite Cinabre n°2. It tells this very moment, at the end of a party, where the rumbling of the discussions dissipates and is replaced by whispers. Music murmurs from the speakers. The very last guests leave the party.

You step outside, the bow untied. The cobblestones are still chilled and moist. The sun has just risen, heating up some roses at the windows. You wander through the grand avenues, strolling along the bridges wherever the fancy takes you. Paris is still asleep, yet a few rare brave souls are gently getting activated, the aerial metros are purring, the grocers are receiving their deliveries, the bakers are behind their stoves.

You sit at the zinc bar of one of those cafés that never close, watching the world bustling and hurrying along.

A perfume for strollers who observe, for those who savor the dawn after a sleepless night. Those who seem to belong to a suspended time, between light and shadow.


Crisp green Ivy and fresh Rose, accompanied by Marine and Iodine notes, in a fluffy cloud of Musk.

An exhilarating perfumed candle, revififying, invigorating and soothing.


Immerse yourself in the imaginary world of Point du Jour with our playlist.

  • Dimensions : Height 9 cm ; Diameter 7,5 cm
  • Burning time : Around 60 hours
  • Capacity : 190 g
  • Utilization : Adapted to small and medium rooms
  • Best usage : Always keep the lit candle under surveillance
  • Composition: Mineral wax



Each candle is placed inside a drawstring pouch made of exceptional fabric that you can reuse. The House of Cinabre proposes to personalize the label of you drawstring pouch.

We can write by hand a name or initiales and a date. These kind attentions will surely make great effects !

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