George Michael and Britney under the tree

12/02/2021 12:44:25

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George Michael and Britney under the tree


In our Loir-et-Cher atelier and Paris studio, the Cinabre team have morphed into Santa’s elves. We’ve put together a small but select assortment of products we love - no ugly Christmas sweaters - but there is a nifty gift.


Coffret Black Tie Cinabre

Our special gift box for your special black-tie events. These are the kinds of accessories that get passed down from father to son (I even have my grandfather's tuxedo shirts!).

Cravate satin bleu nuit

Navy Blue Satin Tie from the Elysée collection, this tie is for those with important and hectic schedules.

bandana Cinabre Free Britney

Collector's edition "Free Britney" cotton-silk scarf. All proceeds are donated to NASGA (National Association to Stop Guardian Abuse).

Echarpe universitaire rouge et marine

Two whole meters of wool to cozy up in. Inspired by school uniforms of prominent British institutions, our university scarves are knitted closer-to-home in the Auvergne.

Bonnet rouge Cinabre

burgundy wool beanie to keep your ears snuggly warm.

Our mini-size silk scarf for the stylish little ones in your life.

Fitzgerald Blue Tartan Tie just because: Paris is a celebration and so too is December!

Channel your inner explorer with our hand-rolled pink silk scarf (90 cm x 90 cm) featuring a map of the Marquesas Islands.

Our new full-grain leather belts, in plum, khaki, and beige. Doesn’t everyone need an alternative to brown?

Give our products the personal touch: Our cotton piqué labels are inspired by traditional tailors' tags, like this one from 1924 (see photo), from the tuxedo of my great-grandfather, Paul Chapellier. Personalization makes your gift even more special and unique. Such délicatesse is always welcome under the Christmas tree.

Personalization is available for bow ties, ties, bags, hats, gloves, caps and tuxedo cummerbunds.



Enjoy the swedish pre-party

The Swedes definitely know how to do Christmas spirit. Their great idea way back in the 4th century was to add a pre-Christmas celebration, so you don’t have to wait as long. Called Sankta Lucia (Saint Lucy’s Day), this feast day celebrates the longest night of the year, historically December 13 (4 centuries ago). In Paris, the Swedish church has unfortunately just cancelled their annual concerts and Christmas market - usually open to everyone - but there are 40 Swedish churchs all over the world. You should definitely check out here if there is any Swedish church or Swedish epicerie close to your home, it’s definitely worth it. You will find traditional delicacies and décor, particularly the traditional Adventljusstake (Advent candlestick holders) that appears in every window in Sweden at this time of year.

Just had to share the photo of me as a Christmas elf for the feast of Sankta Lucia at the Sorbonne.

Listen to sweet music

If Mariah Carey doesn’t rock your world, what about Last Christmas by Wham!? I personally have a soft spot for this mega hit, which George Michael personally wrote, performed, produced, and sang.

An opportunity to fill up Santa's sleigh! Enjoy!