09/29/2022 17:16:45

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Taking a stroll in the middle of a COVID lockdown, I came across a vacant building in a quasi-private street in Paris : the Cité Bergère. I immediately started fantasizing. I imagined a boutique, office-workshops, hotel suites…a place showcasing craftsmanship and bringing together brands and people with the same philosophy - that of a beautiful product. A place where fashion could rub shoulders with décor in celebration of a certain art-de-vivre. I hesitated. It was big risk. But we took the plunge.

Vitrine de l’ancienne boutique avec sticker « On déménage »

Starting October 3rd, come and visit us at 14 Cité Bergère, Paris, where you’ll find our boutique, our offices, and two residential suites for rent all under the same roof.
Well, not everything will be ready on the 3rd, but the Cinabre team will be on hand to give you a tour of the building. And now, I'll recount some of our adventures...


Although many swear by a 100% digital online presence and stores in our neighborhood are closing their doors one after the other, we decided to move and expand.
When we pitched our little Cinabre building project to bankers last September, they thought we were crazy. And they weren't totally wrong: Extensive renovations to sort out, an almost private cité without the Rivoli traffic, a business plan consisting of ties (nobody noticed the unicorn), etc. But, we finally won them over.

14 Cité Bergère

Home sweet home

We took on this project because we’re a little bonkers, true. But also because we believe in a physical space, sharing, and the importance for you to see our products and for us to see you in person.


Financing was just the apéritif. After that came the renovation phase. We made nice excel spreadsheets, carried out first class reverse scheduling, and planned everything down to the last detail…but of course, things just sort of blew apart (as they often do when it comes to renovations).

GIF Astérix et Obélix: Mission Cléopâtre

A resin that takes a long time to dry? Need to change the paint color last minute? A shortage of raw materials? No worries. We're still opening on October 3rd, so that you can discover our brand new space.

Avant Travaux

Travaux en cours

The boutique won't be completely finished and we won't be able to welcome you for an overnight stay just yet (unless you really love a cement and plasterboard ambience), but there will be a fresh paint smell and all our products will be there.
And while waiting, you can already follow the progress of our residential suites on a new Instagram account:

Compte Instagram Cinabre Les Suites

So, save the date for October 3 at 10am! Rendezvous at 14 Cité Bergère from 10 am to 7:30 pm. We’ll still be in the process of setting everything up, but we promise not to ask you to unpack any boxes.

Stay Tuned