Wedding Bow Ties: How To Choose The Right One?

03/31/2021 13:48:21

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Wedding Bow Ties: How To Choose The Right One?

For weddings, our first piece of advice is to listen to you. Choose a bow tie "coup de coeur", and opt for the one you instinctively prefer.

There are few situations where the color and/or size of the bow tie doesn't suit your outfit or body type.

Above all, a wedding is an occasion for joyful celebration and fun, something we sometimes forget when we're too busy organizing and counting the appetizers for the cocktail party. Accessorizing your outfit is the moment to indulge yourself, while remaining elegant and not overdoing it.

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seersucker bow tie

In our opinion, two criteria are essential when choosing a bow tie: the quality of the fabric, and its "natural" shape.

By natural, we mean hand-tied. Our bows are sold pre-tied: they've been hand-tied beforehand, giving them that little touch of imperfection and nonchalance that makes a real bow tie so chic.

On the other hand, fixed and symmetrical bow ties, where you can't untie the knot, are much closer to a costume.

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Most of the time, the groom chooses a navy or gray suit with a white or blue shirt. The choice of wedding bow tie is therefore very important and will strongly influence the final look of an outfit.

light grey linen bow tie with a navy blue jacket and a white shirt

Everything changes between a liberty bow tie, a pink bow tie, a black bow tie or a patterned bow tie. We often tell our customers that the darker the bow tie, the dressier the outfit. This is particularly true of silk bow ties and black bow ties.

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navy blue bow tie with a tuxedo

Apart from this principle, all colors are possible for a wedding bow tie, which adapts to all styles of ceremony, more or less casual.

Our men's bow tie collections offer a wide range of possibilities and colors. You'll be able to choose the color or pattern to suit your wedding theme or venue. If the ceremony takes place by the sea, in the South of France or in Paris, you can find matching colors or even a bow tie with a delicate pattern.

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blue seersucker bow tie

linen bow tie with a flowery plate


The wedding bow tie is an opportunity to indulge yourself and step out of your comfort zone, without making any tasteful mistakes.

One piece of advice we often give is that a patterned bow tie should be seen up close, but above all from a distance, as most people will see you from a distance of over 1.5m. A liberty or floral bow tie may seem difficult to wear when you're not used to these patterns, whereas at 1.5m it will seem lighter with a cameo of colors without a very distinct pattern.

Cinabre flowers bow tie with navy blue jacket

Weddings, especially if you're the groom, are the perfect occasion to look for an original bow tie that stands out from the classic bow tie you know. It's not a question of overdoing it, but of looking for an original design that suits you.

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Apart from the liberty bow tie or floral bow tie, summer ceremony favorites, you can try graphic or decorative patterns, such as the Toile de Jouy bow tie or the Provence bow tie.

Cinabre Blue toile de Jouy bow tie

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lime green provence bow tie

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These two wedding bow tie collections were created in collaboration with traditional French printers. They are also available in ties and pockets square.


Depending on the spirit and style you want to give to your outfit, you'll choose an original or classic bow tie.

The classic bow tie is traditionally a silk bow tie, usually in satin or twill, and in dark colors such as black or navy blue.

Cinabre navy blue twill bow tie

Once again, the darker the bow tie, the more formal the look.

The original bow tie, on the other hand, can play on textures like the knitted bow tie or the silk grenadine bow tie.

Cinabre burgundy grenadine bow tie

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Materials other than silk and less shiny will also add a touch of originality, such as linen bow ties or wool bow ties.

Finally, choosing a patterned bow tie, as we mentioned earlier in the article, will often take you away from the classic codes of the wedding bow tie, while remaining elegant.


As mentioned earlier in this article, grooms often choose a navy or gray suit with a blue or white shirt. The possibilities are therefore numerous when it comes to matching bow ties with suits.

noeud papillon lin gris avec chemise blanche et boutonnière par Cinabre

However, we recommend a plain wedding bow tie if your suit has strong patterns such as a Glen plaid or houndstooth pattern. But it's not a hard and fast rule: from time to time, mixing patterns, when done right, can bring something very interesting to an outfit: you could match a caviar bow tie with a striped shirt, for example.

In our opinion, the most important thing is to find an original bow tie that suits you and that you're comfortable with. Go with your heart's desire.

noeud papillon flamingo

The bow tie will be the centerpiece of your outfit, the most visible accessory. You don't have to go for a very original color, you can also play on material or texture. The best example is our Mesh collection, one of our best sellers for wedding bow ties.

pink mesh Cinabre bow tie

The very soft wool with a knitted look works very well for grooms who want a bow tie that's plain but with a little discreet originality. The slightly textured, matte look of the fabric and the "semi-plain" color will bring an interesting modernity, while remaining very dressy.

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We're also often asked how to match a bow tie with a pocket square. We don't recommend using the same fabric for the bow tie and the pocket square. However, for fabrics like Toile de Jouy, this is less of a problem, as the pattern is quite large, so the bow tie will never look the same as the pocket square.

The choice of a white silk twill pocket remains a classic that always works well. If you choose white, but want to add a little more originality, we suggest the white voile pocket. More airy, more unstructured, it adds a creative or romantic touch to your outfit.

White pocket square with a tuxedo and a blue Cinabre bow tie

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Once again, we don't want to set any absolute rules. Again, it's important to go with your heart and see what works best with your body type and outfit.

Generally speaking, we offer a classic bow tie size (6.5 cm), as distinct from the small slim size or our large size. With the classic size most often found in our boutique or on our eshop, you're taking no risks - it's suitable for all body shapes and shirt collars.

black satin classic bow tie

The large bow tie gives a dandy feel. It's for the fashionista who's already used to wearing bow ties. The large bow tie will give you a more vintage - 70's look that's still very elegant.

large black satin bow tie

This large format is currently available in black satin bow tie and midnight blue satin bow tie, as well as in velvet bow tie. Don't hesitate to contact us if you'd like another model from our collection.

The slim bow tie is best suited to smaller body sizes. It will also give a vintage look for fashion connoisseurs, as it's a format often found in the 20s and 30s.

noeud papillon noir slim satin soie Cinabre

This format is offered in a few classic silk models, in particular the black bow tie.

There's one bow tie that's less common: the batwing bow tie, also known as the lord or dandy bow tie. We offer this model in black satin, but don't hesitate to contact us if you prefer another fabric. Its size is relatively classic, but its asymmetrical silhouette adds a touch of originality.

black satin diamond point bow tie


All too often, wedding groomsmen's bow ties are neglected, chosen in haste and handed out a few minutes before the ceremony. They end up at the back of a closet, with the only quality being that they match the color of the bride and groom.

The choice of the "neck accessory" sets the tone of the ceremony, the personality of the bride and groom, and therefore deserves special care. Even the finest made-to-measure suit can't disguise a cheap tie or bow.

Choosing a Cinabre accessory for your best man means transforming an imposed uniform into a genuine gift. You're giving a product that can be worn again with pleasure.

pink bow tie on a bed with cufflinks

In addition to its elegant bow-tie box, the Maison adds a personalized touch by writing the best man's initials and the wedding date on the product's label. And the groom can use Cinabre postcard sets to write a note to each of his best men.

The presentation of accessories becomes a meaningful ceremony in itself.

Bow ties aren't just for grown-ups. After many requests to make bows for the children in the bridal party, Cinabre now offers "baby bows" to dress the little ones. The house has a permanent collection of "best sellers", and also makes bows for babies and children on request, in the fabric chosen by the bride and groom.

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The bow tie is often favored for weddings, as it lends originality and a ceremonial look to the outfit. However, a tie, if well chosen, can have exactly the same effect.

navy blue cocktail tie

First and foremost, the quality of the fabric will be essential to distinguish it from an often standardized "office tie".

A patterned tie can liven up a three-piece suit or a very formal morning coat. The waistcoat allows you to choose an original, colorful design, as only part of the tie will be visible.

tie with a morning suit

We don't recommend the ascot, preferring the jacket and tie combination, "British style", which is more modern yet still very elegant.

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