Black tie

11/01/2021 12:45:00

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Black tie

What can be more special than a black tie party ?

What I really enjoy in those black tie evenings is definitely the outfit because there is nothing usual about it. The satin ruban on the pants, the polished shoes, the bowtie, the pocket square or the flower lapel pin and of course the cummerbund. The outfit to have a whale of a time ! 


Since the beginning of Cinabre, we have designed a wide range of accessories for black tie or white tie events. Today we are happy to introduce you to our brand new cummerbund which has just joined our evening wear family.

For nearly 2 years we have been working on this piece to offer you a cummerbund that combines elegance and comfort

2 years were necessary to design this masterpiece for which few brands still take the time. We did not cut corners and paid attention to every single detail.


We took the time to find large ultra-stretchy rubber bands to insure optimal comfort. The search of nice clasps was quite difficult : we went to all haberdasheries of Paris to find the right ones.

Eventually we found matt black steel clasps both elegant and modern. Regarding the fabric, we chose the black heavy silk satin similar to our Black Satin Classic bow tie.

The fabric is made on a 19th century loom that runs at a slow pace to preserve the fiber’s quality. In order to obtain the best black color intensity the satin is woven with an exceptional thread density (160 bare thread passages/inch).

The Cinabre red silk twill lining signature discreetly marks this piece. You don't have to worry : the lining is not visible when you wear the cummerbund.

We found one of the last bespoke tailor in Paris which has been following the same techniques for more than 50 years.

The cummerbund is handmade in his Parisian atelier, tucked away in a secret place. The 3 folds of the belt are directed upwards because they were originally used to slip tickets or tokens during the 30's.

For better comfort and safety we decided to add two small pockets hidden in the belt lining. A thin cotton canvas and a woollen interlining are sewn together inside the belt. It brings a generous touch and helps the cummerbund to keep its initial shape.



I believe my interest in black tie and white tie outfits comes from both my Swedish and my French family.

When writing this newsletter I took the opportunity (with great pleasure) to travel through time and looked back upon the pictures of grand parents and great grand parents. Below you can find two weddings of my great grand parents in the 30's and 50's.

At that time the French weddings were mainly in white tie. It is not the case anymore (unfortunately), the morning dress or a simple suit are more usual today.

The two pictures on the top left are my French grand mother and grand father at a friend's birthday party in the 70's. I chose those 2 pictures as I find my grand mother dress very chic and I must admit that the white dinner jacket is my favorite outfit.

The white dinner jacket is always a perfect match during formal occasions in the tropics. I wore this outfit at a friends' wedding in Mauritius, together with my wife in November 2017. Good times in amazing landscapes.

It is always a pleasure to work on our black tie or white tie collections. We try to be both creative and to stick to the rules. That is why we offer you so many options. Obviously the bow tie is essential for your outfit, whether they are in silk, silk satin, velvet or piqué cotton.

For the shape, you can alternate among the classic, diamond pointlarge or slim shape. As far as I am concerned, I like to wear a black silk bow tie with our red twill lining : a classic with a hint of color but it remains raffiné

You can then accessorize your outfit with a white pocket square or a flower lapel pin.

Personally, I always prefer the flower lapel pin. At Cinabre, we gave the lapel flower a nickname: an « ice breaker » accessory. Every time I wear a flower lapel pin people are friendly, they ask questions and start cool conversations.

Imagine a bunch of gentlemen at a cocktail, all wearing dark suits, quite similar ties and classic pocket squares except one wearing a nice and cool flower at his jacket lapel.

I am sure you will be more interested in « breaking the ice » with the flower gentleman who immediately appears more creative and stylish without being « too much ». It’s a kind of « effortless » accessory, it brings style but you don’t mean it.


Once you have the perfect outfit it is time for you to be invited in the most exclusive black tie parties. This is our shortlist of 3 major black tie events you definitely want to be in.

The Cannes Film Festival

The protocol to climb the red stairs of the French Riviera is known to be very strict : as a man you absolutely cannot enter the high temple of world cinema if you don't wear the tuxedo. Very few exceptions have been made over the years. Pablo Picasso was one of the first to break the evening dress code. He obtained a dispensation in 1953 to enter the Palais wearing a sheepskin cloak for the screening of Clouzot's Salaire de la Peur (The Wages of Fear). Nevertheless, he still had to wear a bow tie.

Glamour level : *****

Snobbery level : **

The Glyndebourne Opera Festival

Since the first edition in 1934, the philosophy behind the formal dress code is the respect to the singers and musicians. One of the high point of this stylish gathering is the picnic in the garden. The perfect combination between the thrill of dressing up and the good times of the countryside.

Glamour level : ***

Snobbery level : ****

Christmas Eve at Sandringham House with the British Royal family

This is the perfect opportunity to wear your most beautiful outfit and to disclose from your wardrobe your Cinabre cummerbund. Marrying one of the family member might be your best option to attend this posh family gathering.

Glamour level : **

Snobbery level : *****