"Long John" tie

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John Daly - aka Long John or The Lion - was first known for his impressive drives and his amplified overswings. He is now more famous for its escapades (alcoholism, several weddings, gambling addiction...) and its fluorescent pants. Cinabre used his favorite colour - the fluorescent pink - on the necktie small flap. 


The fabric is a navy blue mate silk with a unique golf players pattern designed in the Cinabre Parisian studio. The necktie small flap is fluorescent pink. 


This tie was carefully handcrafted by Cinabre artisans in France, following the same techniques for 3 generations.


This piece is entirely handmade with a red slip stitch making a loop at the bottom of the tie. The fabric will then keep its elasticity and the tie will recover its initial shape after being used.

To make your tie even more unique, a name or initials and a date can be handwritten on the label.

More detailed features
  • Fabric:

    100% silk

  • Lining: Cinabre red 100% silk twill
  • Size: This tie is cut to a 2.75" width. Also available in other widths, until 3.75". Please feel free to contact our team at +33 1 48 24 72 28 if you have any question.

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1600 Navy Blue
  • John Daly golf tie - silk - Cinabre Paris
  • John Daly golf tie - silk - Cinabre Paris
  • John Daly golf tie - silk - Cinabre Paris

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