Light Blue Provence Bow Tie

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We created this collection in collaboration with the French atelier Les Olivades, located in Provence since 1818. They have been keeping numerous archives of traditional regional drawings : a unique heritage. Les Olivades are also among the last workshops in France to perpetuate the traditional techniques of flat frame and rotary frame printing.
The bow tie was then made in the Cinabre atelier located in the Loire Castle Valley.   


This bow tie was made from a French cotton percale. The pattern is a traditional Provencal white design with dark outlines on a light blue background. It has been printed using the rotary frame printing technique. The colour passes through the cylindrical stencil and is delicately deposited on the fabric through holes provided for this purpose. 


The bow tie you will receive will be tied already and ready to use. It is an authentic bow tie which means you will have the opportunity - if you want - to untie your bow tie and tie it again your own way. To learn how to tie a bow tie, have a look here.
To make your bow tie even more unique, a name or initials and a date can be handwritten on the label.


More detailed features
  • Fabric:

    50% cotton, 50% silk

  • Lining: Cinabre red 100% silk twill
  • Size: 2.56" width, adjustable neck band
  • Finishing: Hand made

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2186 Cinabre Blue
  • Light Blue Provence Bow Tie - Handmade in France
  • Light Blue Provence Bow Tie - Handmade in France
  • Light Blue Provence Bow Tie - Handmade in France
  • Handmade in France in the Cinabre atelier in the Loire Castle Valley

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