Black Knitted Tie

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Each Cinabre knitted tie is made in Germany in the renowned region for luxury fabrics, also referred to as "The City of Silk". The atelier has been following the same techniques for more than one hundred years. The silk is knitted on traditional looms dating from 1908. The very high knitting stitches density generates a particular friction which is called "cri de la soie". To the best of our knowledge it is the only workshop to offer such a density of knitting stitches and this unique savoir-faire


The tie is made of black silk. The crunchy knit technique gives the silk fabric a unique irregularity and texture.
The neck band is lined with the Cinabre red twill silk.


In order to keep its initial shape the tie is stretched into a wooden shape during 24 hours. 

Personalization is not available on this product. 

More detailed features
  • Fabric:

    100% silk

  • Lining: Cinabre red 100% silk twill
  • Size: 2,4 inches

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2103 Cinabre Black
  • Black Knitted Tie - Cinabre Paris
  • Black Knitted Tie - Cinabre Paris
  • Black Knitted Tie - Cinabre Paris

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