Seersucker Lapel Pin

95 €

Savoir faire

The boutonniere is handcrafted in a "Haute Couture" workshop located in Paris which was founded more than a hundred years ago.


This lapel flower is a carnation made of light blue and white cotton with a nickel pin.

"Nothing highlights the silhouette more pleasantly than a flower pinned on the lapel …" Fred Astaire

More detailed features
  • Fabric:

    100% cotton, nickel pin

  • Size: Diameter: 2.36"
  • Finishing: Hand made
  • Made in France

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628 Cinabre Blue
  • CINABRE - Oeillet Seersucker - Made in France
  • CINABRE - Oeillet Seersucker - Made in France
  • Handmade in Paris - Cinabre Paris

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