Clear Blue Flowery Tie

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This collection was printed by the French atelier Les Olivades, located in Provence since 1818. Les Olivades are among the last workshops in France to perpetuate the traditional techniques of flat frame and rotary frame printing.
The tie was then made in the Cinabre atelier located in the Loire Castle Valley.


The clear blue floral fabric is a cotton that has been printed using the flat frame printing technique. The colour passes through the holes of the frame and is delicately deposited on the fabric. The tie is lined with a red silk twill, the CINABRE signature.
Since the design we chose has lots of different patterns, each tie will be slightly different and unique.


This piece is entirely handmade with a red slip stitch making a loop at the bottom of the tie. The fabric will then keep its elasticity and the tie will recover its initial shape after being used. It is also a "double-four-fold" tie with a 100% wool interlining. These additional folds require much more fabric and more handwork resulting in an elegant drape. Furthermore, this exclusive "savoir faire" will provide a better shape over time.

To make your tie even more unique, a name or initials and a date can be handwritten on the label. 


You can personalize the label of your tie with a handwritten name (or initials) and date.
This personal touch is not visible when you’re wearing the tie, as it is on the label sewn at the back of it, above the loop.
Please indicate what information you would like to include during the checkout procedure, after choosing the delivery method.

More detailed features
  • Fabric:

    90% cotton, 10% silk

  • Lining: Cinabre red 100% silk twill
  • Size: This tie is cut to a 2.95" width. Also available in other widths, until 3.75". Please feel free to contact our team at +33 1 48 24 72 28 if you have any question.
  • Label: for customization give us your name or initials and dates during checkout.

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  • Clear Blue Flowery Tie - Cinabre Paris
  • Clear Blue Flowery Tie - Cinabre Paris
  • Clear Blue Flowery Tie - Cinabre Paris
  • Clear Blue Flowery Tie - Cinabre Paris
  • Cinabre - made in France Ties

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