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Black silk satin cummerbund

The Cinabre cummerbund is handmade in our *Grande Mesure* bespoke tailoring Parisian workshop.

It is crafted out of silk with a satin finish and is lined with our Cinabre red silk twill.

Handcrafted and Made in France

The silk satin cummerbund is handmade in one of Paris's last great bespoke tailoring workshops, where the craftsmanship has been handed down by generations of tailors since the 1950s.

Our black cummerbund is made with high-quality silk satin. An exceptionally high thread density (160 thread count per centimeter) results in an intense black and outstanding, long-lasting quality. The slow weaving process on a 19th century loom keeps the quality of the silk threads intact.

On the inside of the cummerbund, the red silk twill lining offers a discreet finishing touch. It should be noted that this cannot be seen when the cummerbund is being worn.

The comfort of the cummerbund has been studied down to the last detail. As per tradition, the three pleats on the cummerbund face upwards. These were used in the 1930s to hold ticket stubs or tokens. In a contemporary take and for extra comfort, we have added two small pockets on the inside of the sash to complement the pleats. The inside is finely lined with cotton and three layers of wool to provide support and maintain shape.

The Cinabre silk satin cummerbund can stretch out to 110 cm (43 inches) around the waist. The wide elasticated bands are extra extendable and the matte black steel fastenings make the cummerbund fit and compliment all body shapes.

The silk satin fabric used for the cummerbunds is the same as we use for our black bow ties. 

The classic color can be paired with either a black or white tuxedo jacket. The sash is worn at the natural waist, providing an elegant transition between the pants and shirt.

Cinabre allows you to customize the label on the inside of the cummerbund. According to your preferences, we can add your initials, your name or a date. A timeless fashion accessory such as the cummerbund is for giving, and for passing on to the next generations.

Black tie event

An invitation which mentions Black Tie indicates an event where men must wear tuxedos. This type of evening wear is worn on very special occasions. Some venues and events still impose this dress code, including most movie festivals. While most casinos have relaxed this rule they are still often *de rigueur* at evening events.

Tuxedos are worn on very special occasions, which makes them a truly exceptional outfit. People own tuxedos for the pleasure of wearing them, but also to pass them on to the next generations. Like Paul Chapellier, the great-grandfather of Cinabre's founder Alexandre, you can turn your tuxedo into a family heirloom. On the inside of the jacket, the former's name is inscribed with the year "1924". This was the inspiration for the customizable tailor's labels present on all our accessories.

The Cinabre black silk satin cummerbund has three pleats, in accordance with the traditional design. Its steel fastener and adjustable wide elasticated bands add comfort and a contemporary touch to the classic version, as do the discreet and practical pockets on the inside of the sash.

Black tie elegance - a family affair.

Our Cinabre cummerbund is the latest addition to our family of evening wear accessories for black-tie and white-tie events.

We worked for nearly two years on the design of our cummerbund, combining elegance and comfort and restoring the prestige associated with this exceptional accessory. Every aspect of the design has been considered down to the last detail, and has taken years to perfect, which is maybe why few brands now take the time to craft these beautiful pieces.

Every detail of our cummerbund has been designed with optimal comfort in mind, from the wide, ultra-stretchy elasticated bands to the black matte steel clasps that are both elegant and modern. The heavy black silk satin we chose is the same used for our Black Satin Classic bow tie, a truly unique fabric that is slowly woven on a 19th century loom. The exceptional thread density and the traditional technique preserve the outstanding quality of the silk and an intense black color. Our signature Cinabre red silk twill lining, which is not visible when the cummerbund is being worn, discreetly completes the piece.

The Cinabre cummerbund is handmade in the secret Parisian atelier of one of the last bespoke tailors, who has been using the same techniques for over 50 years.

The love of exceptional black tie and white tie outfits runs in the family. The Chapellier family photo album shows a long tradition of wearing these outstanding outfits since the 1930s, at a time when white-tie weddings were de rigueur. The long family history of dressing up for formal black tie and white tie events results in a respect for the traditional rules, but with an added contemporary twist.

The origins of the cummerbund

Did you know that the word cummerbund comes from the Hindi "kamarband", originally a large piece of cloth from India?

This accessory was traditionally worn around the waist with pleats facing upwards.

The cummerbund is also found in military settings. The French foreign legion's uniform is made up of a green beret, a white kepi, red epaulettes as well as the regulatory blue sash which is worn under a belt.

  • Fabric:

    Black satin 100% silk

  • Size: 85 to 98cm (Extendable up to 110cm)
  • Finishing: Hand made
  • Made in France
  • Label: for customization give us your name or initials and dates during checkout.

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  • cummerbund made of black silk satin

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