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For us, fabric selection is essential, especially when it comes to our ties and bow ties. It is important for aesthetics matter but also and above all for quality. Not only will it affect aesthetics, but aslo the quality of the product.

recycled cashmere
Cinabre Opex bow tie

Our recycled fabrics

Since Cinabre’s creation, 8 years ago, we have developed collections with recycled fabrics. Military or Hawaien vintage shirts have been transformed in bow ties and ties in our atelier in The Loire Castle Valley. Alexandre Chapellier, who created Cinabre, regularly goes bargain-hunting in France and abroad to create exclusive and limited capsules. Since November 2019, Cinabre also offers a selection of recycled cashmere scarves. The collection is made in a Florentine workshop specialized in cashmere recycling. The workshop carries out all the steps that makes possible to transform second-hand sweaters and socks into scarves. Vintage cashmere clothes are sorted by color and carefully checked to be sure they respect the 100% cashmere composition. The material is then reduced to fibers and woven again to create our scarves.

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Cinabre football ties, red card collection

Our unique patterns

We design our own exclusive patterns in our Parisian creative studio which are then printed or woven in Italy, in a workshop near the Como lake. As for the ties and bowties, they are handmade in our atelier in the Loire Castle Valley. The scarves are handrolled nearby Lyon.

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métier à tisser du 19ème siècle pour le satin Cinabre
Cinabre black satin bo tie

The Cinabre silk satin

Our black satin bow ties are made in an exclusive silk fabric. It is made on a 19th century loom which weaves on slow speed to preserve the fiber quality. In order to get the best shade of black and a good hand, the yarn density is very high (160 weft count per centimeter).

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Cinabre red silk twill

The Cinabre red silk twill

The red Cinabre is the Maison signature. We developed it with a fabric specialist who removes the sericin from the silk, dye it and does all the finishing steps in his atelier, near Lyon. The fabric we chose is an heavy silk twill.

Cinabre blue cashmere tie
Cinabre blue leather bow tie

Our exceptional materials

Exclusive cashmere fabrics, thin leaver ribbons woven together, Japanese silk in the purest kimono tradition, precious embroideries and brocarts… we are always seeking fine and rare materials to create uniques pieces.

Cinabre herrigbone wool tie

Our english woolen fabrics

Cinabre mainly works with the maisons Scabal and Holland & Sherry when it comes to woolen fabrics selection. High quality herringbone, tweed or flannel fabrics are the indispensable condition to create exceptional ties and bowties.

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Painting of the Jouy manufacture in 1807
Cinabre red Toile de Jouy bow tie

Toile de Jouy x Cinabre

In 2019, Cinabre has started a collaboration with the famous Toile de Jouy. Since then, it has become one of the hallmarks of the maison. We went to Jouy en Josas, the historical place where started the Toile de Jouy in 1760 and where the savoir-faire français has lived on since then. For our collection, we chose one of the oldest etchings done by J.B. Huet around 1785. The screen printing allows the best precision to reproduce the complexity of the motives. The color intensity and the slight embossed details are obtained by the numerous applications of the screen printing. The final finish testifies of the high quality craftsmanship at work.

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Cinabre Elysée blue ties

Our Elysée Blue Collection

Cinabre often supplies ties to the French President, M. Emmanuel Macron, who values the entrepreneurial dynamic of the brand and appreciates its French savoir-faire. We developed the largest collection of navy ties in a great variety of fabrics, as diverse as silk satin, seersucker, woolen fabrics… We regularly enhance it with new models.

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