Groom D Day kit

34 $

The groom deserves attention too

We designed a survival kit for the groom. He will use it during his wedding which can be full of unexpected events.

How does the kit look like:

We used our ties and bow ties precious fabrics and designed a made-to-measure pouch which contains all what you need to survive on the D Day. It will fit your inside pocket perfectly well.

What's in the kit:

- Compeed blister plasters.
- A small bottle to fill with your perfume.
- A high quality chamois buffer (11.8 x 14.9 inches) to polish your shoes.
- A guarana shot, 100% natural, made from the energising Amazonian plant
- Tissues


More detailed features
  • Fabric:

    Vintage cotton camouflage, silk and Cinabre red twill silk lining

  • Size: 8,5cm x 12cm
  • Finishing: Hand made
  • Made in France

delivery & return

  • the groom kit for the d day - Cinabre Paris

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