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Purple cashmere scarf

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The Cinabre cashmere scarf has been designed to last a lifetime. The material used comes from an exclusive production in Inner Mongolia within a herd of 500 goats maximum. Their density is strictly controlled to avoid an intensive soils exploitation. Only 150 grams of cashmere are clipped on each goat before being carefully washed, controlled and woven in a Florentine atelier.

The scarf large dimension of 70 cm x 210 cm allows a wide variety of knotting possibilities.


This 100% cashmere scarf is made from the finest and softest goat hairs of a 14 to 14,5 microns thickness.

In order to reach the lighteness and softness aimed for this scarf, the yarn count used to weave is 2/80Nm. It is therefore made of two yarns twisted together. As for the 80Nm indication, it gives the ratio between the weight and the length. In other words, 1 kilogram of this yarn would cover a length of 80kms! In comparison, the most commonly used yarn is 2/26Nm. It does explain the remarkable fineness of this scarf.


The cashmere scarves are woven in the area of Florence, Italy. The finishing stage is then made in France, close to Lyon.

The textile manufactureur, with whom we have decided to work, has a unique savoir-faire handed down for 3 generations. Our scarves are thus still made on manual weaving looms. He is, as far as we know, the only one to master such fine cashmere weaving.

  • Fabric:

    100% cashemere

  • Size:
  • Spun and woven in Italy, manufactured in France

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  • Purple cashmere scarf - Cinabre Paris -
  • Purple cashmere scarf - Cinabre Paris -
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