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It's back to school time!! So we all put on our best suits and New Striped Ties for the class photo. It’s the perfect opportunity for me to introduce you to some members of the Cinabre Family, our team, and friends who have been there for us since the very beginning (more photos on Instagram).



Thomas was my very first recruit for Cinabre. We started working together on the origins of the project 10 years ago! When he's not on tour or in the studio with his group Biche, Thomas takes care of our shoots and works with me on the brand’s artistic direction. He has changed his hairstyle, beard or mustache at least 30 times. Want to place a bet on his age!? Thomas is wearing the Fuchsia and Navy Striped Knit Tie and Cinabre N°2 Baseball Cap.


Let me introduce you to my wife, Anne-Flore. We share a closet and entrepreneurial spirit, and that changes everything.


Co-founder of MylittleParis, she agreed to lend a helping hand with our newsletters during the first lockdown, which motivated me to devote more time to them :-). Hope you like it! Also, kindly enough, Anne-Flore doesn’t object (too much) to my obsession with and “enthusiastic collecting” of vintage military jackets, which have now invaded a good part of our apartment. She is wearing the Navy Orange Green Striped Tie and White Twill Silk Pocket Square.



Catherine is a very good friend, author, Relais & Châteaux consultant (among other things) and an ambassador for the American "positive attitude" - her mother hails from Connecticut! We share the same passion for brocantes and road trips in the USA. She is wearing the Khaki Blue Striped Knit Tie and White Silk Rose Flower Lapel Pin.



Alban joined me 3 years ago. He started with an internship (a dog collar project ...) and is now a partner in the whole adventure. Every year, he dreams up hats and scarves to keep you warm through the winter. He is also the sports enthusiast of the team. Alban is wearing the Chocolate Red Navy Striped Tie and Cinabre N°3 Baseball Cap.



Léonore joined our team a year ago, between 2 lockdowns. Our New Back to School Striped Ties - that's her. Léonore also works on the silk scarf and bandana collections as well as all our leather pieces. She has many surprises up her sleeve for you in the coming months. Her experience at Dyptique could come in handy, but I’m not saying another word... Léonore is wearing the Green Pink Navy Striped Tie.


Arthur is a cousin, a friend, and practically a brother. I did the math recently, and basically, I lived longer with him as a roommate than I have with my own wife! Arthur was there at the very beginnings of Cinabre, when I was working from our Paris apartment. He was a pillar of support during those early years, which are often the hardest. And he didn’t mind being invaded by fabrics, boxes, or even happening upon interns upon awakening.


Even now, he helps out from time-to-time by picking up urgent orders when passing through the Loir-et-Cher, next to our atelier. Quality craftsmanship, long-term vision, he knows all about that: His family, Mellerio, has the oldest jewelry house in the world. He is wearing the Blue White Red Striped Tie.



An impassioned fashion journalist, Steve is a friend who comes round on a regular basis to offer advice and show us his latest finds. He loves to get lost in our fabric samples, picking up patterns that were too quickly set aside, and inspiring some of our collections. Steve is wearing the Beige Brown Blue Striped Tie with the Cinabre N°3 Baseball Cap, the Navy Burgundy Striped Knit Tie with the Burgundy Silk Chiffon Pocket Square, and the Navy Brown Striped Knit Tie.


Caroline is the kind of person who has a graphic novel she’s working on in her bag, star reviews on her Insta, and a huge reserve of enthusiasm and patience for my whims. She’s been very helpful with the brand’s strategic orientations, especially when it comes to artistic direction. We share the same passion for 80s and 90s fashion, kitsch and pop culture, especially if it’s “Made in the USA”. She is wearing the Chocolate Red Navy Striped Tie.



Coco is a talented designer and stylist, who helps me create certain patterns and design certain pieces. We’ve known each other since we were kids - we shared a very BCBG childhood in St Cloud (Paris outskirts) - and since then lots of friendship and laughs. She is wearing the Navy Brown Striped Knit Tie, the Green Mesh Pocket Square, and Green Mesh Gardenia Lapel Pin.



With this cherished old school photo I’d like to take the opportunity to express my thanks and appreciation to YOU: Our customers, journalists, partner craftsmen, friends, and family. Without you, Cinabre would not exist. Also, a few people are missing from the Cinabre Family portraits shown here - not everyone was available for the photo shoots, and some foreign friends have not yet been able to return to Paris. But you will soon see some new photos on our Instagram feed. Stay tuned!


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