Our new ball caps have just landed

07/28/2021 11:34:26

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Our new ball caps have just landed


We celebrated the launch of our new ball caps at the Fun Fair in the Tuileries garden (Fête des Tuileries) in Paris. It's our way of telecommuting.

Say hi to the camera...

I’d forgotten how violent bumper cars can be, the pleasure of sticky cotton candy (aka candy floss), the clever yet elusive fortune wheels, and the ridiculous excitement of fishing in “Hook a Duck”.

I also highly recommend the “Rainbow”: - The merry-go-round is lovely; - It’s exciting, but don't worry, you can still have lunch beforehand; - The attendant bears more than a passing resemblance to Leatherface from The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, which will amuse the moviegoers among you; - And to top it all off you get a breathtaking view of Paris’s left bank. All that for only 5 € (including tax)! What else is there to say? Fun fact to impress dinner guests: the Rainbow attraction was created in 1983 by the Fleur family, who still manage it today, hence the “Fleur” in lights displayed on the ride...QED.

But now back to our caps.


I've always felt comfy in a bumper car

Applying the go-to concept we use for all our products - local, artisanal, sustainable – our caps are crafted in the southwest corner of France at our Made in France atelier in Jurançon, which just so happens to supply all the Haute Couture houses in Paris

Plushie Passion

Beautiful materials are featured: seersucker, linen, and a lovely cotton-wool blend. We even decided to remake the Ile de la Cité cap, which last summer sold out in just a few days.

Neon Lights vs Seersucker Stripes





This season we wanted to adorn some of our caps with a dash of embroidery. In particular, we’ve added a monogram of the stylized “C” from Cinabre that was designed for our university scarves.

We also chose to monogram some styles with the “Grand Pan” graphic, which can be found in the prints of our ties, bow ties, and silk squares.


Gone this season are the snaps of yesteryear. We’ve gone elastic! And not just any old kind. We went to England and tracked these fasteners down from the workshop that supplies the Order of the British Empire, which prides itself on the very select Royal Warrant of the English Court.

The elastic can be adjusted according to head size, and each model comes in 2 sizes (M and L). More comfortable and secure, but perhaps less “snappy”, the new fasteners are much more elegant than those from the 90's (in the previous collection).