Come aboard with the French Navy

08/02/2022 16:19:18

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Come aboard with the French Navy

I’m very proud to present our exclusive collaboration with the French Navy (Marine nationale), informally known as “La Royale”. This maritime arm of the armed forces is probably the one that has most influenced fashion – picture the archetypal sailor bedecked in a striped Breton top (“la marinière”) at the head of the bow – and we wanted to incorporate this legendary world into our bow ties and ties. 

Welcome aboard our collaboration with the French Navy!

Marin naviguant sur un navire

It’s not just honeymooners you’ll find in Cook’s Bay, Moorea.


After our Top Gun, I wanted to dedicate a collection of bow ties and neckties to our French Navy which, even without Tom Cruise, has some assertions that have always made me dream. Since I couldn't get into the Navy (my application as a reservist when I was a student was rejected despite my undeniable physical and strategic skills!), I wanted to pay tribute in my own way to the nearly 39,000 sailors who crisscross the oceans.

Cravate sous-marins

Cravate porte avions

The various models include symbols and structures that typify the French Navy, such as the historic “Golden Anchor”, the Charles-de-Gaulle aircraft carrier, the Dassault Rafale fighter jets, and even a discreetly operating submarine.

Cravate Marine nationale deux pans

Cravate Marine nationale zoom

For the first tie and bow-tie incarnation, available in adult and children’s, sizes, we highlighted the “Golden Anchor” (l'ancre dorée). It’s been a historic symbol of the French Navy since the end of the 18th century, and is found today on the shoulder straps of all sailors, from deckhands to admirals.


Noeud Papillon Marine nationale

Different elements of the anchor can be seen, such as the “trabe” or “jas droit” (anchor stock), intertwined with a rope or “grenin” all the way from the ring, around the shank, and down to the arm. The stripes echo the colors of the blue-white-red flag of France (tricolore) proudly displayed on all ships and military bases. 


Zoom motif porte avions

Porte Avions

For the second tie, we paid homage to the flagship of the French fleet - the Charles-de-Gaulle aircraft carrier - and the sailors who work on it to deploy the Rafale fighter jets. For the record, our drawing of the Rafale had to be validated by the teams at Dassault Aviation!

Cravate porte avions deux pans

Zoom cravate porte avions

It features scenes of catapult-assisted take-off, a technical feat made possible by a crew of 1,900 sailors in operation. The iconic aircraft marshaller is also depicted, responsible for guiding the pilots off of or onto the flight deck with specific gestures. 
An interesting historical footnote is that the aircraft marshallers are known as “Chien jaune” (Yellow dog) in the French Navy because of the bright yellow outer garments they wear and the order "Wave off" they use a lot on the American aircraft carriers sounds like a dog barking - "Ouaf-ouaf" in French, the "woof-woof" equivalent.


Sous marin

Zoom motif sous marin

Finally, the third tie depicts a submarine that gradually dives into the sea until only its periscope is visible. Once the submarine is completely submerged, it becomes invisible as the black color melts into the deep blue of the tie. This is how submarines carry out their missions unseen, unheard, and undetected.

Pointe Cravate Sous marin

Cravate Sous marin roulée

This tie celebrates the submariners who operate the French Navy’s 10 submarines in all the seas that span the globe.


If, like me, you dreamed about this world when you were a student - or simply wanted some sea air – you’re now better equipped than ever to take to the seas.