Tote Bags

Bring colours and graphic design to your look with the Cinabre tote bags, handmade in France.


A cummerbund is an essentiel accessory for a perfect tuxedo outfit. Handmade in a bespoke atelier in Paris. 

Leather belts

Leather belts manufactured near Paris, in a workshop perpetuating the know-how of leather for more than 40 years.

Woven belts

Cinabre woven belts are handcrafted in France, following the same savoir faire since 1889. The hand woven belt is a guarantee of great elasticity and nice fit.

Bleuet Flower Lapel Pin

The french remembrance symbol. For each sale of the Bleuet Cinabre 40€ will be donated to the "L'Œuvre Nationale le Bleuet de France".

Gift Cards

The simplest way to make sure you are offering a pleasant gift. You just have to write an optional message and that’s done.

Rarity Flower Lapel Pin

This is our most exclusive flower lapel pin made of high luxury material.