Ties French President's Garden Party

Ties French President's Garden Party


Ties have classic colours and patterns but are made with a seersucker fabric which gives an interesting texture.


Collection of textured ties. The linen and cotton fabric forms discreet curls and a beautiful relief. 


Collection of unique flower ties, a must have if you look for new floral patterns.

At the beach

Exclusive collection of ties for summer time.

Toile de Jouy

Cinabre collaborated with the authentic French Toile de Jouy to create a unique collection of ties.

Woven Silk

New collection of woven silk ties with an extent range of colors. High quality silk with 8 yarns for a better hand and an interesting knitting texture.

Red Card

Discover our Red Card tie collection, made of silk with football patterns, designed by Cinabre. 


One tie - one famous golf player. Discover our Swing collection or how to be elegant and feel as if you were on a golf course.

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