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Flower Lapel Pins CINABRE

Flower Lapel Pins CINABRE

Bleuet Cinabre

The french remembrance symbol. For each sale of the Bleuet Cinabre 40€ will be donated to the "Le Bleuet de France" association.

Blanc de Blancs

Collection of white flower lapel pins made of silk or piqué cotton.

Planète X

Collection of cosmic lapel pins.


Collection of graphic lapel pins made of silk, seersucker or wool.


Discover the camouflage flower lapel pins made of vintage military shirts.


Discover our collection of denim flower lapel pins.


Create a unique piece from a wide selection of colors, materials and shapes.

Gift Card

The simplest way to make sure you are offering a pleasant gift. You just have to write an optional message and that’s done.

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